Oakland City/West End Apartments

Oakland City/West End Apartments


The Oakland City / West End Apartments were acquired by Chisom Housing Group in 2012 and provides housing for 111 families.
A three property, split-site urban community located in Atlanta, Georgia, the property historically suffered from crime and mismanagement. When Chisom acquired the property, it had failed various HUD habitability tests and was at risk of HUD action. Chisom invested over a million dollars to cure deferred capital expenses and improve the quality of the housing to include the addition of energy efficient double paned windows, new roofs, new lighting, new tubs, energy efficient appliances, new HVAC systems, etc. Chisom also invested in site lighting, remotely viewable cameras and visibility improvements. Chisom is heavily involved in community outreach at the property and our staff have built great relationships with community leaders and local service organizations. The site now consistently passes HUD inspections and has healthy operations, fully funded replacement reserves, significantly lower crime rates and resident community involvement.  Resident services are offered at the property, led both by Chisom staff and through partnerships with local service providers such as Evolving Arts and Soccer in the Streets.




1191 Oakland Lane SW,
Atlanta, GA 30310