Chisom’s February 2018 Newsletter Celebrates Children’s Dental Health!

February 2018, Issue 19

Chisom’s celebrated Children’s Dental Health Month with visits from dental hygienists and goodie bags!

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Chisom’s January 2018 Newsletter Highlights Holiday Events!

January 2018, Issue 18

Chisom’s holiday season was filled with parties, pinatas and presents!

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Chisom’s December 2017 Newsletter Highlights Special Events!

December 2017, Issue 17

December’s Newsletter tells all about the special events that November was filled with!

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Chisom’s November 2017 Newsletter Highlights an After-School Program!

November 2017, Issue 16

Chisom celebrates fall by supporting a new after-school program, fresh produce access and more!

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Chisom’s September 2017 Newsletter Highlights Back-to-School Events and New Food Pantries!

September 2017, Issue 15

To mark the end of summer, Chisom hosted back-to-school events and created new resident food pantries!

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Chisom’s July 2017 Newsletter Highlights Summer Meals and Activities!

July 2017, Issue 14

July’s Newsletter shines a light on resident drive programs in Atlanta!

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Chisom’s May 2017 Newsletter Highlights Decatur Meadows!

May 2017, Issue 13

May’s Newsletter boasts an award for Decatur Meadows and more!

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Chisom’s March 2017 Newsletter Highlights New Programs!

March 2017, Issue 12

A new year brings new programs, new ideas, and plenty of smiles!

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Chisom welcomes the New Year! Enjoy our January Newsletter!

January 2017, Issue 11

Chisom spreads joy throughout our communities in November and December!

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Welcome to our November 2016 Newsletter

November 2016, Issue 10

Chisom is excited to share the latest news and upcoming events!

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