Chisom’s January 2020 Newsletter takes a quick look back on the 2019 holiday season!

Jan 2020, Issue 40

It’s January, can you believe it? Neither can we! Let’s take a quick look back on the 2019 holiday season! 

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Chisom’s December 2019 Newsletter has Lots of Holiday Cheer and Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Dec 2019, Issue 39

Before turning to 2020, let’s pause together…

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Chisom’s November 2019 Newsletter Focuses on the Upcoming Holidays and Sharing Our October Spooky Photos!

Nov 2019, Issue 38

Chisom is excited about Halloween and the upcoming holidays. 

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Chisom’s October 2019 Newsletter Focuses on One of Our Newest Properties, “The Arbors”

Oct 2019, Issue 37

Chisom is growing, and we welcome you to see one of our newest properties!

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Chisom’s September 2019 Newsletter features our ‘Back to School’ Events!

Sept 2019, Issue 36

Chisom loves helping families prepare for ‘Back to School’! 

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Chisom’s August 2019 Newsletter highlights all things good from Summer 2019!

August 2019, Issue 35

Chisom knows how fast the summer went!

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Chisom’s June 2019 Newsletter has Food, Fun and Father’s Day!

June 2019, Issue 34

Chisom celebrates our communities, Father’s Day and healthy food!

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Chisom’s May 2019 Newsletter Celebrates Spring!

May 2019, Issue 33

The spring season saw celebrations throughout Chisom’s communities and a formal recognition of excellence!

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Chisom’s April 2019 Newsletter Smiles for Dental Health Month!

April 2019, Issue 32

For the fourth consecutive year, Chisom celebrated National Children’s Dental Health Month!

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Chisom’s March 2019 Newsletter Describes our Response to the Government Shutdown!

March 2019, Issue 31

Chisom’s sustained services and quick response provided a safety net to those affected by the government shutdown.

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