Supplies four families living at Rio Hondo Apartments outside of Harlingen, Texas with one month supply (40 pounds) of pantry food staples, such as rice, beans, and canned vegetables.

Full Tummies

$ 24
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Donation Total: $24


Provides one refurbished desktop computer with internet access to a Chisom community. This one-time investment enables children to complete Internet-based homework, adults to apply for jobs online and housebound seniors to stay connected with loved ones.

Equipped for Success

$ 75
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Donation Total: $75


Gives exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, to seniors who want to stay fit but do not have access to recreational facilities because of cost or transportation barriers.

Healthy Hearts

$ 200
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Donation Total: $200


Enables Chisom to expand the free summer meals program for children and people with disabilities living at a property of your choice by covering our estimated infrastructure costs (including tables, chairs and a USDA mandated refrigerator for food storage).

Feed a Neighborhood

$ 650
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Donation Total: $650

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Chisom uses donations for their true purpose – improving the lives of those we work for, seniors, people with disabilities and the families living in our communities. Not one penny of your donation will be directed towards non-program expenses such as administrative overhead, salaries or marketing. By donating to Chisom’s social programs, you will directly impact the lives of our residents.

A donation to Chisom also provides you the unique opportunity to champion a cause that inspires you. Given Chisom’s national footprint and diverse demographic reach, your donations can impact a broad range of needs. As evidenced by our work to date, your donation can provide food, school supplies, after-school activities and transportation for those in need.

If you have a particular program or location you would like to support directly, please contact us so that we can make those arrangements.

Thank you.

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Donation Total: $100