Chisom strives to bring together residents, community managers, service coordinators and local partners to provide services and social programs most beneficial to those living in our communities. Chisom seeks to empower residents to pursue their personal goals and tap into the many local resources designed to assist them with their needs, including education, finance, health and wellness and career development.


Chisom was founded in 2003 to develop and invest in affordable housing communities where seniors, people with disabilities and those earning low to very low incomes could find a safe, clean and welcoming place to live. The founders resolved to develop social service programs to support and assist residents with their needs in the areas of education, healthcare, wellness and professional skills.

Chisom is led by a six-member board of directors that includes one resident of a community served by Chisom. Our directors have extensive experience tackling complex problems surrounding the planning and implementation of affordable housing preservation and the provision of social services. Chisom’s directors include experienced public accountants, affordable housing advisors, project developers and project managers. Our resident board member provides first-hand accounts of the challenges faced by families living in affordable housing communities.

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In 2013 Chisom invested millions of dollars in 11 properties in the Southeast. Under Chisom's stewardship, these properties have consistently improved their REAC scores, become safer and dramatically improved their financial condition. For example in Oakland City Apartments, we take pride in being part of the renaissance of Atlanta's West End neighborhood.


We have not only invested millions in safety and capital expenditure items, we have a well-funded replacement reserve with net income that will likely qualify selected properties for a rare upgrade in bond rating.

Seniors / People with Disabilities

Chisom works in several locations dedicated exclusively to seniors and residents with disabilities. Community managers and service coordinators work closely with residents to understand their needs and provide responsive services.


Many of those most in need of Chisom’s services are young families. Our goal is to provide improved access to food pantries, health care, transportation, utility assistance, financial literacy programs, education and professional development.


Chisom prides itself on providing children a safe place to live, play and thrive. Working with program partners, Chisom introduces our youngest residents to educational, social and recreational activities that promote long term success.

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Chisom’s staff is composed of dedicated individuals who are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and improving the lives of our residents. We believe that securing safe and affordable housing is but the first step towards financial stability. We are committed to bringing a wide array of opportunities into our communities.

Chisom’s Washington, DC office is led by its Executive Director, Ms. Sarah Bagley. Ms. Bagley works to develop relationships with organizations local to our served communities while benefiting from access to the many national non-profit organizations based in DC.

Chisom works in tandem with community managers to learn more about the resident’s needs and local services. Staff from the DC office conduct frequent property visits to interact directly with residents.

Through grant awards, Chisom employs service coordinators that work one-on-one with our senior residents. These coordinators provide services such as case management, arranging health care presentations and planning community events

Meet Sarah

Executive Director

Chisom Housing Group is led by its Executive Director, Ms. Sarah Bagley. Ms. Bagley is originally from Virginia and moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in law. After nearly ten years in litigation, Ms. Bagley joined Chisom Housing Group in June 2015 out of a desire to be a force for positive change. Ms. Bagley brings a fresh perspective and her background in the private sector enables her to identify opportunities for partnerships between Chisom’s communities and organizations looking to serve. Chisom has seen its social programs grow substantially during Ms. Bagley’s tenure as a result of listening directly to the needs of residents and identifying ways to serve those needs through existing but under-utilized community services. Ms. Bagley works with her staff to maximize what can be accomplished through the efficient use of resources and volunteer efforts. Fitting with the DC lawyer stereotype, Ms. Bagley is incredibly proud of completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 and leading her softball team to a season championship on the National Mall. When not behind a book or binging Netflix, she can be contacted at sbagley@chisomhousing.org

Where We Work

Chisom preserves at-risk affordable housing nationwide and is an owner and operator of over 1,400 units of low-income housing at 18 properties in 10 states. Our portfolio ranges from the suburban plains of Hutchinson, Kansas to the border town of Donna, Texas. We have preserved housing in inner-city Atlanta, GA as well as the rural corners of Walterboro, SC.

In 2016, Chisom was hired to enhance the social services available at St. Paul’s Senior Living at Wayne Place in Washington, DC. Chisom is excited about the opportunity to bring our skills enriching the services available to residents of affordable housing communities into a property beyond our ownership portfolio.

The Arbors at McCormick Park

  Fargo (United States)

California Square II

  Louisville, KY 40210

Colleton Heights

  Walterboro, SC 29488

Cypress Cathedral Apartments

  Winterhaven, FL 33881

Decatur Meadows

  Decatur, MS 39327

Donna Village Apartments

  Donna, TX 39367

Falfurrias Village Apartments

  Falfurrias, TX 78537

Fieldcrest Apartments

  Waynesboro, MS 39367

Kalmia Apartments

  Graniteville, SC 29829

Meadowlark Heights

  Minot, ND 58701

Metropolitan Gardens

  Reno, NV 89512

Oakland City/West End Apartments

  Atlanta, GA 30310

Portland Plaza

  Louisville, KY 40212

Rio Hondo Village Apartments

  Rio Hondo, TX 78355

Swift Creek Apartments

  Hartsville, SC 29950

The Clusters Apartments

  Hutchinson, KS 67502

The Pines at Garden City

  Garden City, GA 31408

Yadkin House

  Salisbury, NC 28144